PC InspectMate

The PC version of InspectMate will let you complete your inspection just as quickly as the Pocket version but will run on any PC based computer. This includes a regular desktop PC, laptop PC, TabletPC or the new Touchscreen PC 8.1 Tablets. Print either a Summary Report or a complete Inspection Report right from the PC device on site or in the office.

PC InspectMate is easily customized, recognizes your own handwriting (if it is a tablet type device), prints on-site, and has all the easy navigation features as the PocketPC version has. With PC InspectMate you will have professional looking reports and never have to do double-duty again.

Microsoft Surface Pro 2
Windows 8.1 Tablet Edition with touchscreen.


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Setup Screen

Here is where you enter general information about the inspection such as Dwelling Address, Realtor, Agency, Client Name, etc. Notice that some fields have a button with a black triangle next to them. This button indicates a popup list associated with the field for quick entry of common data. You can add your own items to these pick lists. One of the most important items to complete on the Inspection Setup Screen is the Document Type field. This field determines what Categories show in the Category List when it is selected. These Document Types may range from a "Home Inspection" to a "Commercial Inspection", "Mold Inspection" etc.

Category Screen

The category screen shows the list of categories included with the standard Buyers Template. Categories can be added, edited, or deleted using the PC based software called Library Editor that ships with the system. By changing the categories and their associated steps, materials and comments, you can create other templates such as commercial inspections, pest control inspections, etc.

Step List Screen

On the Step List screen you will find all the familiar sub-categories, or steps, for collecting information consistent with industry standards of practice. Within the step list there are four pieces of data associated with each step– a rating, materials, comments and step info. Once again these steps and their associated ratings, materials and comments are completely definable by the inspector using the PC based program Library Editor.

Material Screen

The Material screen shows a typical Materials list that is completely definable by the user. As many materials as apply can be checked simply by checking the off. By designating the Material with an asterisk using the PC based program Library Editor a Material comment can be used. Every time the material is checked, its associated comment will appear in the comment section.

Comment Screen

You select the comment tab to enter specific comment information about each step. Comments applicable to the step appear in the comment picklist. Over a thousand common comments are available in the system right out of the box or you can add comments on site or by using the PC-based Library Editor. Enter appropriate comments with a few easy taps of the pen either one at a time or several at once using the powerful multi-picker option. Choose comments appropriate to the inspection and watch as they quickly populate the comment window.

Review Comments Screen

Once the inspection is complete you can quickly check your work by reviewing, and editing if needed, all the steps for which comments were entered. You can also print either a summary or full inspection report on site using a portable printer or save the file for export to a desktop computer. Once on the desktop, the file is a standard word processing document.

HTML screen

For your convenience we have even provided a document preview mode so that you can actually see what your printed report will look like before it prints out. You can easily navigate to a particular section of the report by simply tapping a category in the Table of Contents located at the left of the screen.