Our People

Jeffrey R. Knight, President

Mr. Knight has over 25 years experience in computer systems software development and project management. Prior to founding Knights Software Solutions Mr. Knight was a cofounder of Borealis Communications and served on the board as the Director of Product Development. Mr. Knight served as a senior systems engineer and project manager with a small custom software company in the Twin Cities. Mr. Knight has specialized in relational database development and object oriented programming for handheld devices. Mr. Knight has honed his leadership skills as project manager at Medtronic, Inc. where he served as project leader for a document management system. He also served as senior technical representative to the Technical Advisory Committee at BBSP, Inc.

Mr. Knight served as programmer/analyst for Concept Publishing Systems for over eight years designing and developing information systems for the publication of newspapers and magazines. Mr. Knight has an extensive background in designing and developing easy-to-use applications. Mr. Knight graduated with honors from the University of Wisconsin where he earned a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science.

Products and Services

Knights Software Solutions focus is in the area of electronic data collection. Currently, mobile collection methods are still predominantly reliant upon paper and clipboards. These collection methods all share three significant drawbacks: (1) they generally require that activities are performed twice; first for the data collection, and second for the subsequent transcription of data into electronic format; (2) the potential for error is greatly increased due to the time delay that typically occurs between the collection and transcription of data (as well as the fact that the transcription process itself introduces added human error); and (3) data cannot be delivered to the ultimate user in the timely and efficient manner that is frequently required.

Knights Software Solutions can provide easy to use, highly portable electronic forms capability to all of those industries that currently rely upon paper and clipboard collection methods. Not only is the collection process much faster and more accurate, but the data, by virtue of being in electronic format, is available immediately to be used for reporting, transmission to other electronic devices, or for instant recall. In an age where the timely delivery of information is becoming increasingly paramount, handheld solutions typically offer a very fast payback to the users of such systems.