InspectMate Office System

The InspectMate “Office System” is software designed to capture and track all of the activity that happens in your home inspection business. The main feature of the Office System is the inputting of inspection orders. Each inspection order can capture the information about the customer and the property to be inspected, the services the customer requires (home inspection, radon test, termite inspection etc.), the realtors involved, the scheduling of a qualified inspector for each service and general information on the property like directions.

The InspectMate "Office System" can also produce an invoice for the customer and capture payments.

You can also capture information about the real estate offices and agents with whom you work with. You can also capture information for any other professionals involved in the real estate transaction which may include law firms, escrow and title companies.

You can also keep track of marketing information so that you can keep track of how the customer found you which can help you analyze what marketing methods are working best.

The InspectMate “Office System” is designed to adapt to your business. That is what makes Knight’s Software Solutions the premiere provider of vertical market software for the home inspection business.


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Order Entry Tab

There are 4 tabs in the New Job window that divides the pertinent inspection job data into 4 sections: 1) Job Summary, 2) Schedule, 3) Parts & Labor and 4) Marketing Info. The Job Summary tab is the main entry window used when entering a new inspection job. The Address field is for the dwelling address of the property being inspected. The Zip Code field is for the zip code of the dwelling address to be inspected. It is used for the Address & Zip Lookup feature. The Address & Zip Lookup button can be used to pull in previous client information. Fill in the Address or Zip Code file and select the button to bring up a list of previous clients matching the data. Note: Entering even partial data will be searched on. The First Name and Last Name fields are of the client respectively. The CSZ fields are where the city, state and zip code are filled in for property to be inspected. The Buyer's Agent and Seller's Agent fields are the agent contacts. Note: You can bring up a list of agents already in your system by entering the wild card character @ and tabbing out of the field. The Style field is the style of the property to be inspected. A choices list comes up automatically when the field is entered.

Scheduling Tab

The Scheduling Window lets the office staff schedule the inspections using a calendar like interface. You are able to have as many as 24 different inspectors which you are able to see 8 at a time and using the Page tab to quickly switch between each group of 8 inspectors. The office staff is also able to quickly glance at the day's schedule and see where each inspector is for that day to handle last minute changes and possible openings. Because of the City and zip code showing in each inspection block you can also decide who the best inspector is to take any new jobs coming in during the day. To schedule a new inspection you just double-click on the time slot and the Job Entry screen comes up automatically with the appropriate time slot and inspector already filled in. To switch between days just use the arrows by the current date field. Create Work Week – Select the button to create new time slots for all the inspectors that week.