Knights Home Inspection Software (InspectMate)

Knights Inspection Systems

Knights' Home Inspection Software (InspectMate) will let you complete your inspection quickly, accurately, with a minimal need for entering new information. Print either a Summary Report or a complete Inspection Report on site or in the office.

Library Editor

Library Editor is a Windows 98/2000 based application that allows you to customize your inspection content as well as to create new templates.

Knights Home Inspection Software Advantage

Knights Inspection System is the perfect answer. It is easily customized, recognizes your own handwriting, prints on-site, and lasts all day without charging. With Knights Inspection System, you will have professional looking reports and never have to do double-duty again. We bring over 50 years of combined experience in delivering technology solutions to business.

For years, home inspectors have had to use hand written reports or spend valuable time re-entering all their data onto a computer. Notebook computers have not helped because they are bulky and only have a few hours of battery life.

Knights Home Inspection Software Solution

  • Eliminates the high costs and added time requirements of data transcription.
  • Eliminates errors related to delays between actual inspection and report preparation.
  • Delivers a finished product to the client immediately on site by printing of either a complete or summary report.
  • Eliminates "canned program" appearance with complete user control of the content allowing for a professional and custom look and feel.
  • Automatic of linking pictures into the report eliminates extra time needed for manual placement
  • Protects your most valuable asset: TIME.

Contact Information

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Jeffrey R. Knight
Director and Cofounder


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