Knights Software Announces the Roof Condition Certification Form

Hudson, WIJuly 1, 2011 – Knights Software Solutions, Inc. has completed development of their reporting software for the 2 page Roof Condition Certification Form for Citizens in Florida. The software will create the newly formatted form as a modifiable Word document that can be then turned into a pdf and e-mailed. The data collection can be done on either a pda PocketPC device or a Tablet/Laptop in the field with reference data right on site. The software will make it possible to use a simple handheld device to collect the appropriate data during a roof condition certification to eliminate errors and rekeying of any data later. Reference data on the handheld helps to look up specific requirements during the inspection process.

Established in November of 2006, Knights Software Solutions launched as a separate company from Borealis Communications, LLC to concentrate on the general home inspection market. The home inspection industries most popular software started its beginnings over 14 years ago as one of the first home inspection software solutions to be used on a handheld device. Knights Software Solutions will continue to improve this state-of-the-art software and integrate newer features requested by the home inspection industry as well as introduce new companion products that complement the home inspection/data collection software. Information may be delivered more timely and accurately, while at the same time the requirement to re-key data is eliminated, saving time and money.

Protect your most valuable asset: TIME.

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